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Radio LBM is an independent Global Online Radio based in Hong Kong created by Music lovers for Music Lovers. ​

It stands for “La Boite a Musique” in French or “Music Box” in English. ​Music is our passion and we are free of any Genre boundary. Our desire is to broadcast an Eclectic selection of sounds discovered all around the World, and we encourage Exploration by inviting our listeners to open their mind to the whole universe of music offered to us, no matter where it comes from.

LBM team is a group of open-minded people based in different parts of the World, such as Hong Kong, Paris, Lyon, Oslo and Séoul to name a few. This unique mix combined with the unanime desire to explore the beauty of the world and its numerous treasures is what contributes to Radio LBM unique touch. It strongly influences the music carefully curated by the team as well as artist line-up invited to play at the radio. There is no focus to a particular style, no preferred time period: We will remain open to any kind of music as long as there are feelings, emotions and soul in it. This is the main reason why we call ourselves Eclectic Music Curators in the context of a Global Online Radio.

Each Musical Genre carries something special with its own way of expression, its overall mood and recurring themes; When considering them as an ensemble, it shall be perceived as a universal language, with its interesting connections and unique evolution. We want to explore and share this musical travel with our curious and adventurous listeners!

Feel free to contact us anytime for collaboration, artist booking, label promotion, suggestion or even just to talk about Music!

Our Shows

Behind The Decks

This show is dedicated to Electronic Music Live Performances and DJ Mixes. If you are DJ or Live Performer, feel free to contact us for Booking arrangement.

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Focus main objective is to help artists and labels promoting their work, futures projects and recent releases.

Artists invited to Focus show showcase their productions by preparing a DJ/Live performance based exclusively on their own tracks. Usually, LBM team also conducts a short interview covering artist background, musical inspirations and upcoming projects in blog or audio format.

If you are Producer or Label Manager, feel free to contact us for Booking arrangement.

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Take Off

Azdin will take you for a musical journey through a refined selection of Electronic Music tracks combining new releases and hidden/unreleased gems. Azdin is a French DJ living in Lyon into the electronic music for years and who always dreamt as a child  to run a radio show. It finally became reality and you’ll be able to also discover unreleased tracks.

​Fasten your seat belt and be ready to take off.

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Optikal Groove

Optikal Groove Radio show initially started in 1999. It was created by 2 DJs, Harlem B and Soulable, who were living in Cenevole at that time, in South of France.

Their refined Tracks selection is full of emotions, deepness with that urban Groove feeling which characterize their style: Soulful, Jazzy and Afro Latin vibes is what your ears will be offered. Also, they like to play with different types of rhythms: Switching from slow beats to fast and unstructured ones, they carefully pick hidden gems from back in the days as well as more Modern productions.

Bruno (Harlem B) is living in Nimes (France) while Frederic (Soulable) is based in Oslo. They will both take turn to host this 1-hour show exclusively prepared for Radio LBM.

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Rhythm Transgressions

Cyril & Benja will be hosting” Rhythm Transgressions” on Sunday. This new regular show is a combination of grooves and melodies from all over the world. Let yourself go during this beautiful musical journey full of surprises and unexpected hidden gems.

​Close your eyes and have a beautiful trip with wawwa team.

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Disco Ball

Let’s dance. Dance all night long. No second Take. No Edit. No smooth transition. No studio post recording review. Just music as it came. House is a feeling; club is where it takes its true meaning. Alex Lee is LBM caretaker but above all, he has always been a club addict and a music lover. Each episode will take you through a 1 hour journey of Dancefloor Music with no genre boundary.

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