Behind The Decks: Steffen Sonnenschein – EP.24

2022-12-22 | Behind The Decks, DJ Mix, Vietnam, House, Electro, Disco, Warm-Up, Dancefloor

The Artist

 Steffen Sonnenschein






Steffen is born and raised in East Berlin beginning of the ’80s. His first touches with electronic music were through his uncle, who worked in a club called “WM 66” at the end of the ’90s. He also started producing and playing records in clubs back then, when Techno became the new revolution in Berlin.

In 2019 Steffen left his hometown and moved to Ho-Chi-Minh City. In Vietnam, Steffen released on local labels called Holy Grail Music and Pink Room Records and played at The Lighthouse, The Observatory, and Savage.

Steffen has since become a solid figure on the local scene in Vietnam and his tracks and DJ sets stand out, due to its saturated bass complimented with matured deep beats. This transcendence between techno, deep house, and disco creates an individuating and innovative style.


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