Behind The Decks: Alexandre Chapellier – EP.25

2022-12-29 | Behind The Decks, DJ Mix, France, House, Minimal, Deep

The Artist

Alexandre Chapellier






Stamp Records, Binaural Arts and Conceptual Records


Born in Paris, Alexandre Chapellier began mixing at the age of 13, playing soul, new jack and hip hop.

After discovering the first raves, Alexandre is passionate about electronic music and begins to mix mainly after and Paris fashion shows. Collector of drum machines, he is inspired by the warmth of the sound of his machines, evolves in an experimental universe and invites to the musical mental journey.

Also Sound Designer for more than 10 years, Alexandre had residency as DJ in multiple Parisian clubs. He is also contributing as DJ for internal events such as Fashion Show and in some prestigious boutiques such as Galerie Lafayette.

Besides, he also worked with several radios and has his own Podcast with more than 100 released episodes named “Invitation to a mental Journey”.

Alexandre also released tracks on Parisian and Romanian labels, such as Stamp Records, Binaural Arts and Conceptual Records. He also formed a partnership with High Fashion brand Leandre Lerouge to release through sounds aiming at expressing the emotions felt during the pandemic and its multiple lockdowns.



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