Behind The Decks: Ortega & Noisy Chilli – EP.12

2022-09-29 | Behind The Decks, DJ Mix, Brazil, House, Electro

The Artist

Ortega & Noisy Chilli






Noisy Chilli
Faby Santos aka Noisy Chilli, is 38, was born in Brazil and for the past 4 years has been living in Dublin, this mystical place where she has started her professional career as a
DJ. Passionate about Electro, with sharp intuition, alert ears and crazy over life’s pleasures.

Wherever she goes, Noisy Chilli expresses lavishly her love for music, spinning her favorite records.
Electronic music has always played a central role in her life trajectory, but it was in 2020 that Noisy Chilli started studying the scene more deeply.

With each new project, Noisy Chilli solidifies her place on the scene, evoking in her audience what is most transcendental. To show her appreciation for electronic music and
share a bit of her experience, she has put together a razor-sharp set, with tracks by Surgeon, Underground Resistance, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Dj God Father and many more.

Ortega, from Taboão da Serra – Brazil, was born on 2nd July 1984, in 1984. At the age of nine, in 1994 he just discovered the dance music through radios from that era.

Since 2006 active as a DJ, in 2016 he became a electronic musician, from that decade to nowadays, whose sets span House, Breaks, Electro, Acid, Dub, Disco, hypnotic Techno, smily atmospheres, São Paulo, Detroit, Chicago influences and pumping sounds in general.

In 2017 he has released by Toskera Records the album called ‘Digging’ For Beats Batuque’ with the Beat Maker called Rasec. 2021 he took another important step and released by Cockpitch Records his firt EP called ‘Bat Maculelê’ Bunny Kawaii and t-woc were invited to give to him great collaboration to materialize all its varied influences.



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