Behind The Decks: Santonio Echols – EP.31

2023-02-09 | Behind The Decks, DJ Mix, USA, House, Deep, Uplifting, Detroit

The Artist

 Santonio Echols




D3 Detroit / Sudd Records


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Santonio is member of the first generation of Techno Producers to emerge from Detroit, MI, in the late 1980’s.

His discography spans 1987 to date and he is currently in production on the Liz Torres “Mind Games – Remix” on Third Ear Recordings. Echols is well known for his role in the famed duo “Reese & Santonio,” who are responsible for timeless underground classics spanning 1987-89, “The Sound/ How To Play Our Music, Bounce Your Body to the Box, Truth of Self Evidence and the internationally renowned “Rock to the Beat”.

During the last two years Santonio has worked with many including Orlando Voorn, Dj Deep, Claude Young, Blake Baxter to name a few…


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