Behind The Decks: Shanghai Ultra – EP.19

2022-11-17 | Behind The Decks, DJ Mix, China, Techno, Minimal, Dancefloor

The Artist

 Shanghai Ultra






Shanghai Ultra is one of China’s most influential underground techno DJ since relocating to Shanghai in 2005. His reputation for taking underground principles seriously precedes him in China where his live hardware and DJ sets have rocked countless dance floors time and time again.

Resident for 9 years at Shanghai’s legendary Shelter club, he was co-founder of VOID – China’s leading underground house and techno night for nearly 15 years. The monthly Void Shanghai event is very widely recognized as the best of its kind in China. SH Ultra and his Void crew have been a huge influence on Chinese techno scene. VOID was the first regular party in China dedicated to proper techno when it was launched in 2007, bringing many seminal artists to China for the first time including Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Surgeon, DJ Bone, and Neil Landstrumm, Underground Resistance and Token Belgium.

Ultra’s challenging and provocative sets have defined the techno scene in China, pioneering a darker and hard techno sound before the style became widespread and was played in underground clubs all over China every weekend. His powerful and uncompromising DJing, intuitive understanding of rhythm and refusal to follow trends keeps him ahead of the curve.

In recent years he launched his Prismatic Force project, a darker and more psychological techno sound based on live performance. His latest release is available on Hoodoo Techno China label.


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