Behind The Decks: Alexandre MENDES – EP.01

2022-05-06 | Behind The Decks, DJ Mix, France, Techno, Melodic, Dancefloor

The Artist

Alexandre Mendes






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Alexandre MENDES is a French DJ and Producer. He started to play music early with his first attempt being at around 14 years old and keeps on improving his skills since then. Originally from Alsace in an area named “La region des 3 frontieres” or “ the area of the 3 borders” because of being close to Germany and Switzerland, he built a very good reputation thanks to his diverse contributions as a Resident DJ at Nordstern in Basel, one of the most recognized club worldwide thanks to Terrazzza, a promoter based in Zurich.

Alexandre first sees himself as a ferryman. Ultra eclectic artist, he likes to pick his music by following his “avant-gardiste” intuitions and taste. Then, he will use that music as a tool to tell a story to his listeners. After a 5 year break, he decided to come back once COVID restrictions were eased in Europe. He is now coming back even stronger, more experienced and wiser. He decided to take a step back and open himself to the music as a whole, no boundary on any genre, just music as a way to express his feelings. In the mid term, Alexandre would like to focus on music production and prepare a first Album telling all these stories and sharing the feelings he experienced through his life. Besides, he is also interested in stepping in movie music as a way to experiment a new style of musical expression.



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