Disco Ball : Alex Lee – EP.01

2022-11-18 | Disco Ball, DJ Mix, Hong Kong, Techno, House, Disco, Dancefloor


Let’s dance. Dance all night long. No second Take. No Edit. No smooth transition. No studio post recording review. Just music as it came. House is a feeling; club is where it takes its true meaning.

Alex Lee is LBM caretaker but above all, he has always been a club addict and a music lover.

Each episode will take you through a 1 hour journey of Dancefloor Music with no genre boundary.

The Host



1 Loz Goddard – Juicy Lucy (Original Mix)
2 Sourires – Pickford (Extended Mix)
3 Demuir – Tales of A Whack Promoter (Original Mix)
4 Tom Blip – Wrong Guanco (Original Mix)
5 MK – Burning (Fanatix_Powerhouse_Edit)
6 Leonel Castillo – Stone Peach (Delano Smith Remix)
7 Demuir – Rizin’ (Extended Mix)
8 Beesmunt Soundsystem – Amsterdam 808 (Original Mix)
9 Steve Poindexter – Work That Mutha Fucker (Remix)
10 Laurent Garnier – Bang (The Underground Doesn’t Stop) (Original Mix)
11 KiNK – Existence (Original Mix)
12 DJ Minx – Do It All Night
13 Beesmunt Soundsystem – Playin’ Myself (Original Mix)
14 Djedjotronic – Celular
15 DJ Deep – Tommy (Original Mix)
16 Yvonne Gage, First Touch – You Can Have It All (Original Mix)
17 Juan Atkins, Moritz Von Oswald – Transport (Carl Craig Remix – DJ Deep & Roman Poncet Rework)
18 Electric Rescue – Dope (Electric Rescue 2012 Mix)
19 Ian O’Donovan – Forever Untold (Satoshi Fumi Remix)
20 Hobo – Levitate (Original Mix)
21 Sagitario, Juan Sanchez – Time Out (Original Mix)
22 DJ Deep – Stressed (Original Mix)
23 Chilly – For Your Love And For Your Love Suite (Original Mix)


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