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2022-12-01 | Focus, DJ Mix, Interview, France, Techno, Minimal, Dancefloor

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 Philippe Petit




Knotweed Records, Decision Making Theory


Philippe Petit is originally from Brussels, Belgium, where he started DJing in the early nineties. After spending 15 years in London, he moved to Chamonix, France, in 2010 where he launched two vinyl labels: Knotweed Records (2011) and Decision Making Theory (2013). He has a string of techno releases on his own labels, as well as on Rekids SPX, Involve, Figure SPC, EartoGround, Super Sound Tool, Molecular etc.

He has played at Tresor, Suicide Circus, La Graviere, Batofar, Weetamix, Corsica Studios, and Berghain to name a few.

We prepared an exclusive interview with Philippe which is available in the next section below.


Could you introduce yourself in a few words?
I am originally from Bruxelles and I am living in Chamonix (France) since 2010, after 15 years residing in London.
How music entered into your life?
I had parents who really loved music so it came naturally. My first concert was Jtthro Tull in 1978. Then ACDC (with Bon Scott as singer!), followed by Led Zepellin and it never stopped since then.
When music became core part of your life?
Since the beginning, Skateboard and music were my two biggest passions in life. Lots of music I discovered was through Skateboard and also thanks to Glen E Friedman (the Photograph) who was always there at the right time to shoot skateboard stuff, with Punk and Hip Hop music played in the background.

Have you always been into Electronic Music? If not, how did it start?
At the beginning, I was guitarist, I played in several groups (mainly Metal ones) from 1985. I have always been curious and open to any genre and naturally I started to have some interest from Electronic Music once it became a thing in the 80’s. I started DJing from the 90’s, playing quite eclectic at that time, Rock, Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, Funk followed by Techno music at the end of the party.

DJ or Producer?
I started with DJing. I wanted to be the DJ to make sure I would hear music I really like when going out. I didn’t have time for producing my own tracks, too much work… So I spent most of my free time to buy records and play them on weekends. Once I moved to Chamonix in 2010, I had more free time and I could finally get more into production. That’s when I created my two labels. I love to play my own tracks. That’s why I took so much pleasure preparing one mix only with my own tracks for you guys, i.e., Radio LBM!! A ix consisting only of homemade tracks is the best to me!

 Your production workflow? How do you start a track? And when do you believe it is ready for release?
My favourite tracks are often the result of a bad mood of mine at that time! General rule (at least for me) is what was made quickly is usually best, spending too much time trying to fine tune something here and there may affect that good result negatively. I always go clubbing so I think I have now quite a good idea of what makes people dancing (or at least myself!). So when an new idea comes up, I want the resulting track to trigger that vibration to be perceived by the crowd as a clear invitation to dance.
How about the Electronic Music scene, especially around Techno? How do you see its evolution since the beginning of 1990?
Ups and downs, like any other type of music. Taking Rock music as an example, I didn’t see much exciting stuff coming out after 1990. Electronic music actually helped me to discover many new types of sounds and filled that void. More recently, the way it turned is a bit sad though. It’s like going back to how it was back in the 90’s, the sound is not interesting and feels more commercial. Too much “boom boom” to please a wide audience.
Why did you create two labels?
Too many tracks awaiting release for a single label so I decided to create a second one to increase release capacity! But each label has the same sound signature, Dancefloor Techno.

Could you tell us about two artists you have profound respect for?
 Jeff Mills is without any doubt the main one. I can’t believe he is still there At the top after so many years, while keeping his vision of music intact. DVS1 is also one of the artists that I will never forget since I first saw him playing in 2015. I see him as one of my favourite artists today.
Any project in the future you would like to share?
Vinyl pressing is becoming very expensive and my two labels still have limited audience today so I hope I still can get few DJ bookings in the future to fund them and continue my Musical journey as a producer and Label manager.

Tell us about your cats!
Cats are incredible animals, independent and gentle animals. I love them all.

Have you been to any Asian country before?
I went to Tokyo in 2003. It was incredible. In addition to sightseeing, I was lucky enough to enjoy some dancing time at Liquid Room. Dan Bell and DJ Zip were in the booth. I will never forget that time. I would love to go back to Japan.

A last word before we close this interview?
Thanks a lot for your time. Long life to “True” Techno!


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