Jazzed Up: Jazzysad – EP.03

2023-02-26 | Jazzed Up, DJ Mix, Jazz, Deep







Jazzysad is a DJ and producer from the city of Subotica, Serbia. One of the pioneers of electro swing, nu jazz and electro tango sounds in the Balkans.

He creates under the influence of 70s soul and jazz music. Lately, he is focused on performing with the band Jazzysad Combo and promotion of Balkan jazz releases.


Go Ali Soko – Prekidac
Bosque Sound Community – Shambhala, Pt. 2
Bojan Cvetkovic kvartet – Kennys waltz
Ivan Radivojevic – Loving you in reverse
Milena Jancuric – Circle and Lines
Ilija Nikolic – Shibuya
Vukasin Bakic Avet – Mrak
Denis Nikicic – Touching the Waves
Ugljesa Novakovic – Laura’s Playing
South Rail Messengers – Mosquito
Sanja Stevanov – Biram nas

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