Take Off : Azdin – EP.03

2022-07-01 | Take Off, Radio Show, Techno, House, Electro, Eclectic


Azdin will take you for a hour journey through an eclectic selection of tracks of any kind. Azdin is a French DJ living in Lyon into the electronic music for years and who always dreamt as a child  to run a radio show. It finally became reality and you’ll be able to also discover unreleased tracks.

​Fasten your seat belt and be ready to take off.

The Host



Vanessa Wagner, Rone – Motion [Infine]
Mitekiss – Flep VIP [Hospital]
Loxy – Spray Trains Of Thought [R&S]
Thrown – Between Two Flames [Moving Pictures]
Konx-om-Pax – Shibuya Sunset (Hardcore mix) [Sneaker Social Club]
Bicep – Meli [Feel My Bicep]
Emmanuel – Nightburn [ARTS]
Marco Bailey – Kanai [Cocoon]
Pangaea – Fuzzy Logic [Hessle Audio]
Aleksandir – Sacro [self released]
Artist Code 554E53 – Flexible_Life [Cod3 QR]
Unreleased – For Rex Club Fans


Not Provided

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